She’s in there… the most beautiful version of you. Discover her with
Dressing Your Truth—the makeover program built on the idea that
every woman is naturally beautiful, inside and out. Get ready to look
and feel as beautiful as you actually are.

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Meet real women who are dressing their truth.

Dressing Your Truth.
Easy. Life-changing. Fun.

Your journey to total beauty confidence begins with the Dressing Your Truth Online Course. We’ve packed our sleek online training platform with expert demos and support, all dedicated to helping you discover your true beauty. Apply what you learn and get instant results. What you see in the mirror will make you smile.

Enjoy step-by-step makeover guidance in a 3-hour course.

Our online video training is the foundation of the entire Dressing Your Truth system. Your 3-hour online course guides you through all 5 elements of amazing style—just right for your Type of beauty. Interactive and available online for you to refer back to often, it’s just the beginning of your transformation…

Look better than ever—with these 5 elements of style.


Learn about all 4 chromas and train your eye to see the difference, helping you bring your beauty to life.


See why the clothes that supposedly hide your flaws might not actually do you any good.


Discover which materials work best next to your skin. Even better, learn the reason why.

Design Lines

Learn which design lines flatter your type of beauty, not just your type of body.


Find out why shapes and contrast in your clothes do more to highlight (or hide) your beauty than you think.

Never wonder what to wear.

The 5 elements get you in touch with your beauty sixth sense, so you know which clothes look great on you… before you even take them off the rack.

Banish bad hair days. For good.

Learn all 5 elements for hair with video tutorials on your best color, cut, and style—including exactly what to tell your stylist.

Make your face your best feature.

Every tip, trick, and tutorial caters to your Type of beauty, bringing your face to life and helping your skin look better than ever.

Bring it all together in style.

Your online course applies the 5 elements to your jewelry, scarves, purse, and shoes—so every outfit is a winner.

See what all 5 elements can do:

5 Surprising Reasons You Shouldn't Wait to Look Amazing

With Dressing Your Truth, you won’t waste another dime on unworn clothes in the back of your closet. You’ll save more than the price of your makeover. Guaranteed.
No matter your shape or size, Dressing Your Truth is a custom fit. You won’t wonder if you’re beautiful. You’ll only wonder why you waited so long to feel this good.
Our most dramatic makeovers take 10 or 20 years off a woman’s face. Skip the cream. Wear the right colors and lines and you’ll look youthful in no time.
We’ll teach you killer hairstyles that take minutes, simple tricks for light-speed shopping, and eliminate mornings wasted in front of the closet with nothing to wear.
A Dressing Your Truth makeover includes all the resources and personalized support you need to learn your unique Type of beauty and experience a transformation you love.

Get customized beauty inspiration, all in one place.

The Dressing Your Truth course gives you more than video. You also get access to our massive online galleries, customized to you. Print a hairstyle photo and take it to your stylist. Or get inspired by hundreds of outfit ideas, wardrobe refashions, eyeglass examples, and more.

Create a style that’s totally you.

It’s not enough to just learn the 5 elements. We want your style to be unique. That’s why Dressing Your Truth includes over 30 hours of topic-specific content. Want a killer professional wardrobe? Amazing no-fuss mom fashion? Workout wear? Refashion tricks? Our experts cover it all. You’ll never find another program that considers your unique style as much as we do.

Go shopping
with a cheat sheet.

It’s called a Style Guide. When you start Dressing Your Truth, we’ll mail you 2 of them (full and handy pocket-size), customized for your Type of beauty. On the front: a color tool that makes things easy. On the back: a quick guide to everything in your Dressing Your Truth online course. Shopping’s going to be a snap.

Introducing the world’s first truly custom shopping experience.

Dressing Your Truth means shopping your truth. And we make it easy! We carefully handpick items for your type of beauty, so you can shop from our online store with 100% confidence.

Join a thriving community of like-minded (beautiful!) women.

Women in our bustling community support one another in person and online, sharing stories, tips, and fashion finds. When you become a Club Member, get ready to find some lifetime Dressing Your Truth friends!

A Dressing Your Truth Club Membership also reserves your seat at Club Night, and gives you access to our exclusive salon and world-class stylists.

Discover why your flaws are actually your best features...

The key to beauty confidence is your Type of beauty. That’s why your order today will include Carol Tuttle’s best-selling book, Discover Your Type of Beauty, in print, audio and eBook format, and the interactive online course.

Dressing Your Truth doesn’t just make shopping easy... it also makes it affordable. You’ll find items that you love at great prices in the Dressing Your Truth Online Store. Plus, we’ll reward your first
product purchase with a
free $10 credit.

Dressing Your Truth is committed to your delight.

Every member of the Dressing Your Truth team is committed to changing your
life by helping you look and feel beautiful. We’ll do whatever it takes.

Our 5-Compliment Guarantee

Find that Dressing Your Truth isn’t quite what you want? No problem. Return it in 60 days, no questions asked. But we feel so certain that you’ll love it, we even guarantee this: Apply the 5 elements you learn from Dressing Your Truth and you will receive at least 5 compliments on your great new look.

Our support team can’t wait to help you.

Have a fashion question? Need technical help? Our customer support team will save the day! Catch them on live chat. Or send an email and get a speedy answer. We’ve got a team of experts on hand, ready to talk you through anything.

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see—every single day.
Start having that experience with the most supportive, intuitive makeover system you’ll ever find.

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